The project has led to the fully-automated production of the first commercially-available carbon-negative concrete blocks in Canada.

Montreal, November 9, 2023 – CarbiCrete has announced the successful completion of its $8 million project to optimize CarbiCrete’s cement-free concrete manufacturing process at a concrete plant in Quebec.  

NGen – Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing– provided $3.4 million in funding to support the CarbiCrete-led project, which involved the installation of two curing chambers at project partner Patio Drummond’s Drummondville hardscape plant.   

Concrete is the most consumed man-made substance on Earth, but its main ingredient, cement, is responsible for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. CarbiCrete’s patented process replaces cement in the concrete mix with a steel-making by-product, avoiding cement-related emissions. Additionally, CarbiCrete’s concrete products are cured with carbon dioxide, which is mineralized and permanently removed from the atmosphere. 

The optimization project has led to the full, automated integration of CarbiCrete technology into the Patio Drummond concrete-making process. It has also allowed CarbiCrete to lower its overall manufacturing bill of materials and to improve its life cycle assessment (LCA) performance. 

Project partner Innovobot Labs built a software platform to collect data for production validation, tracking, analysis, and optimization, and Patio Drummond is now producing 2,400 concrete blocks per day, made with CarbiCrete technology.  

On September 27, CarbiCrete and Patio Drummond announced that blocks are now available for purchase in Quebec. 

“This is a huge step forward for the construction industry,” says CarbiCrete’s CEO, Chris Stern, “If we want to decarbonize the built environment, we need to reduce embodied carbon in our buildings, and the use of cement-free concrete can make a serious impact in that regard.” 

“We are truly grateful for the support offered by NGen’s funding of this project. Canada is already a world leader in sustainable concrete. As we scale this technology, we’re excited about making a global impact with our Canadian-made solution.” 

Patio Drummond co-owner Philippe Girardin says that he intends to convert his entire line-up of drycast products to CarbiCrete technology. 

“We are convinced that CarbiCrete technology combined with our expertise will position us as a leader in the manufacturing of sustainable concrete products that exceed all industry requirements and specifications.”  

“CarbiCrete’s revolutionary carbon-negative concrete is a real game changer,” says NGen CEO Jayson Myers. “It’s an excellent example of how circular manufacturing can reduce emissions while leading to a high quality, competitively priced building material with tremendous commercial potential. But that all depends on automating the manufacturing process. NGen is exceptionally proud of contributing to CarbiCrete’s success.” 

“We are thrilled to continue to support CarbiCrete to accelerate the adoption of carbon negative concrete in the construction industry and reduce the industry’s environmental footprint, says Fadi Albatal, president of Innovobot Labs. Initiating this collaboration through the NGen programme is allowing us to bring carbon reduction tracking technology to host of applications beyond the construction industry, and we are grateful to NGen for their support of the project.”

In May, CarbiCrete signed a cooperation agreement with POINT.P, the main brand of Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France. The agreement lays the foundation for the production and certification of concrete blocks, made with CarbiCrete technology, at a POINT.P pilot site in France. 

About CarbiCrete 

CarbiCrete is a Montreal-based carbon removal technology company whose patented technology enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete made with industrial by-products and captured carbon dioxide. For every ton of concrete produced using the CarbiCrete process, 150 kg of CO2 are abated/removed.  

About NGen 

NGen is the industry-led not-for-profit organization that leads Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. Its mandate is to help build world-leading advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada for the benefit of Canadians. NGen works to strengthen collaboration among its membership of more than 5,000 manufacturers, technology companies, innovation centres, and researchers, and provides funding and business support to industry-led initiatives that aim to develop, apply, or scale-up transformative manufacturing solutions in Canada for commercialization in global markets.  

About Patio Drummond 

Patio Drummond is a leading manufacturer of concrete products for landscaping, urban furniture, precast concrete and agricultural products. Its team of more than 120 people serves a clientele of renovation centres, general contractors, landscaping professionals, municipalities and government ministries in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. 

About Innovobot Labs 

Innovobot Labs is an Innovation Design House operated by Innovobot. The Labs tackle pressing problems through the development and application of cutting-edge technologies. Focused on Human-Machine Interface, Robotics, AI, IoT and Advanced Materials, Innovobot Labs provides companies with a framework for open innovation and collaboration, with the goal of creating products, solutions and IP that are commercialization-ready. 


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