CarbiCrete works with local concrete makers to produce cement-free masonry products for commercial, residential, and landscaping use. Using steel slag instead of cement makes CarbiCrete an ethical and affordable solution for your project. Incorporating CarbiCrete-enabled products can help a project achieve LEED certification or meet other sustainability criteria. CMUs are currently being produced with CarbiCrete technology at Patio Drummond in Quebec, with plans underway to expand production into new markets.

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LEED Points

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED® is an international symbol of sustainability excellence and green building leadership. CarbiCrete’s cement-free concrete can help builders lower embodied carbon and achieve LEED points.

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Carbon Offset

Carbon Credits

CarbiCrete generates and sells high-quality verifiable carbon credits for buyers looking to offset their emissions through the purchased of reductions or removals. When you buy credits form CarbiCrete, your purchase helps produce high-value construction products, the use of which contribute to the decarbonization of the built environment. Carbon that is mineralized in concrete is embedded forever and will never return to the atmosphere. Contact us to learn more.

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