Why Us?

As the green building market continues to grow, concrete users are looking for reliable materials that reduce cement use. CarbiCrete helps masonry and hardscape producers increase their sales by producing cement-free concrete in their existing facilities.


Cement replacement


Permanently removed


Contributes to certification points


Meets or exceeds performance requirements

Equipment and Implementation

CarbiCrete technology can be implemented easily in any concrete plant. The mixing of steel slag with aggregate and water, and the subsequent step of block formation are done using the standard equipment already in place. CarbiCrete manages the installation and integration of the curing chamber as well the CO2 tank that is stored onsite.

Material Inputs

CarbiCrete sources CO2 from industrial gas suppliers who collect and purify the gas from industrial emitters. CarbiCrete oversees the CO2 tank installation and its hookup to the curing chamber. Tank maintenance and refills are handled directly by the gas supplier.

Steel slag is sourced locally by CarbiCrete, who also ensures that the slag meets all meets the required specifications for use as a concrete binder.

Carbon Impact

The adoption of CarbiCrete’s technology at a typical plant producing concrete masonry units (CMUs) has a profound environmental impact on an annual basis:


tonnes of CO2/equivalent abated and removed


cubic metres of water saved


tons in landfill avoidance

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