The wide-ranging expertise of Innovobot’s team will have a multiplier effect on company growth

Montreal, April 6, 2018 — Carbicrete today announced that Innovobot, a Montreal-based private equity firm that provides growth capital and expertise to technology-driven firms, has made a lead investment in the company.

“We are excited to have Innovobot as one of our lead investors,” says Chris Stern, Carbicrete’s CEO. “The team’s vast operational experience and the commitment they’ve shown to working hand-in-hand with our company’s management team will make for a very successful partnership.”

Innovobot’s investment approach involves leveraging its team’s extensive operational knowledge to help build organizational infrastructure and accelerate business scale-up. The team’s wide-ranging industry experience will have a multiplier effect on Carbicrete’s R&D and product design efforts, its sales channel development, IP strategy, organizational structure and supply chain optimization.

“We are very pleased to be an anchor investor in Carbicrete,” said Innovobot partner Mario Venditti. “We believe the process that Carbicrete is commercializing has the potential to be truly game-changing, and we look forward to actively working with Carbicrete to accelerate their growth.”

Innovobot provides growth capital investment in scalable, technology-driven companies. In addition to investing capital, the firm takes an active role in building business infrastructure through its multi-functional team of experts in sales and marketing, product and service development, and operations and supply chain optimization.

About Carbicrete
Carbicrete is a Montreal-based cleantech company that develops innovative, low-cost building solutions that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Carbicrete’s patent-pending technology enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete using industrial by-products and captured CO2. The company offers concrete manufacturers the process, materials and support to make lower-cost, higher-quality precast concrete in a way that reduces their carbon footprint.


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