The new Future 50 ranking from Corporate Knights recognizes the fastest-growing Canadian companies whose business activities align with the transition to a global clean economy.

Montreal, June 3, 2022 – CarbiCrete has been ranked among the fastest-growing sustainable companies in Canada in the inaugural Corporate Knights Future 50 ranking.

In April, CarbiCrete closed a $23.5M Series A financing round. A few weeks later, the company announced that it had secured $3.4M in funding from NGen – Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster – to support an $8 million project to implement and optimize CarbiCrete’s carbon-negative concrete manufacturing process at industrial scale.

CarbiCrete’s process for the production of precast concrete replaces cement in concrete with industrial by-products and cures it with carbon dioxide, avoiding the GHG emissions associated with cement production, while permanently sequestering CO2 within the resulting concrete products. For every tonne of concrete produced using this process, 150 kg of CO2 are abated/removed.

Selected from a pool of 6,115 Canadian companies (1,100 public, 4,015 private), the ranking is made up of the fastest-growing 25 publicly traded companies (year-over-year revenue growth %) and the fastest-growing 25 privately owned companies (growth % in capital raised from two most recent funding rounds) whose business activities align with the transition to a global clean economy.

Corporate Knights, a Canadian media and research B Corp committed to advancing a sustainable economy, has been producing global corporate and fund rankings for nearly 20 years. While its flagship ranking profiles the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, the Future 50 Fastest Growing Sustainable Companies in Canada looks to feature emerging companies whose energy and innovation leaves them poised to be the market leaders in the future.

“We’re honoured to be among those recognized by Corporate Knights in this ranking,” says Chris Stern, CarbiCrete’s CEO. “Our technology avoids cement-related emissions, makes use of waste by-products and removes carbon dioxide. Many of the other companies listed are working on complementary decarbonization solutions, and we look forward to working with some of them to reduce embodied carbon in the built environment.”

This summer, CarbiCrete will begin commercial operations at its pilot facility housed at hardscape manufacturer Patio Drummond’s precast plant in Drummondville, Quebec. The project will yield the world’s first commercially-available carbon-negative concrete blocks.

About CarbiCrete

CarbiCrete is a Montreal-based carbon removal technology company developing innovative, low-cost building solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CarbiCrete’s patented technology enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete made with industrial by-products and captured carbon dioxide. For every ton of concrete produced using the CarbiCrete process, 150 kg of CO2 are abated/removed. CarbiCrete was named to the Cleantech Group’s Global Cleantech 100 list for the second time in January 2022.

About Corporate Knights

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