The company was named to the 2023 Building Tech 50 List in the High-Performance Materials category by Chicago-based Builtworlds

Montreal, May 11, 2023– CarbiCrete has once again been named to the 2023 Building Tech 50 List in the High-Performance Materials category.

This list, created by Chicago-based Builtworlds, features leading companies in the landscape of the smart building, with each offering innovative solutions in the areas of asset management, tenant services, high-performance materials, energy systems and HVAC, sensors and robotics, modular systems, real estate tech, interiors, and internet of things. From connected sensors to analytics platforms, solar panels, smart lights, modular furniture, and more, these solutions are pushing the boundaries of how buildings are designed, built, operated, and maintained.

Builtworlds is a research-driven, member network at the intersection of the built industry and technological innovation. The organization’s mission is to be a catalyst for positive change by providing the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and connections to grow careers, companies, and the industry.

CarbiCrete is commercializing a cement-free, carbon-negative process for the production of precast concrete. The company’s technology replaces cement in the concrete mix with industrial by-product steel slag and cures the concrete with carbon dioxide. This avoids the greenhouse gas emissions associated with cement production while permanently sequestering CO2 within the resulting concrete products.

“We are proud to have once again been named to the Building Tech 50 list,” says CarbiCrete CEO, Chris Stern. “I would like to congratulate all the other innovative companies named to this year’s cohort, many of whom are also working toward solutions that will help decarbonize the built environment.”

CarbiCrete is currently scaling up commercial production at its pilot facility housed at hardscape manufacturer Patio Drummond’s precast plant in Drummondville, Quebec.

About Carbicrete

CarbiCrete is a Montreal-based carbon removal technology company whose patented technology enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete made with industrial by-products and captured carbon dioxide. For every ton of concrete produced using the CarbiCrete process, 150 kg of CO2 are abated/removed.

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